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How Did You Find Out About This Forum?
Here's where you can let me know who told you about this forum.
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Whatever's On Your Mind! Topics Posts
Topics so far: Epidurals; Identity; Personality's effects on birth
This is where you can write about whatever you want if none of the other categories fit.
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Parenting Topics Posts
Parenting - Struggles and Solutions
This is where you can post parenting questions, situations and give suggestions to other moms.
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Marriage Topics Posts
Marriage - Struggles and Solutions
This is a place to post questions, suggestions, solutions and discussion regarding your marriage.
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Finances Topics Posts
Finances - Struggles and Solutions
Here's where moms can support other moms to find ways to downsize and make it possible to spend generous amounts of time with children.
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Work at Home Ideas Topics Posts
Work at Home Ideas for Moms
This is a place for you to post ideas for working at home or for bringing in extra income. What has worked well for you?
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Self-Care Topics Posts
Self-Care Ideas for Motherhood
Here's where you can post suggestions for other moms regarding self-care. What has worked for you to relieve motherhood stress?
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Health Topics Posts
Health Suggestions for Families
This is a place to discuss various ideas for physical, emotional, and spiritual health for self and family.
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Workshop Topics Posts
Workshop Testimonials
This is where you can let other moms know about how the workshop "Motherhood: Nurturing the Work of Heart" helped you.
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Comments about Website Topics Posts
Website Feedback
Here you can give feedback on this website and let us know how to make it even more useful for moms.
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Questions Topics Posts
Questions for Allison Gilbert, LMFT
This is where you can ask Allison Gilbert, LMFT questions that you think other moms would also like to know the answers to.
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