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ianrenga Television shows have been borrowing from Faust's original concepts for years regarding hospital dynamics. Dr. Kildare is alive and well today on all the major networks. It is time that we see the remake of Destry starring George Clooney.
dlfbookman If a remake is made, I hope they go back to the original TWELVE PEERS serial for a starting point, rather than perpetuate the movie, tv, and Broadway versions. Those are okay as "musical Westerns," I suppose, but bear little resemblance to the Max Brand original. (The Tom Mix adaptation was closer than the James Stewart or Audie Murphy versions, though basically it was Tom Mix making another personal appearance to please his fans, and the John Gavin tv incarnation was even further astray. I suppose that all the road versions pretty much followed the Andy Griffith original stage characterization; I have read that the musical comedy version was quite successful in its UK run (and may still be being performed here and there). Breaking away from the popular conception, a la James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich, might be a shocker for modern audiences who thaven't read about the real Harry (not Tom)Destry.