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Ted I was very little when read to me. I think there is a wedding in the beginning but some old friend that the main character owes a favor is in trouble. So he must stop wedding or postpone. After he helps friend goes back to his wife or fiancee, she is angry with him and wants him to help some kid in trouble. So he joins this gang that the kid is in, he has to crack a safe or something near the end.
Looking for title of book thanks.
Webmaster Ted, hopefully other Max Brand fans will recognize the title of the book you have in mind, and post a response here. Thanks for posting.
Jim I believe the book you are seeking is The Geraldi Trail.
Ted Thank you this is exactly the book I was looking for.
Max Clooney played Kildare for five years on ER. When is SECTION 8 FILMS going to finally pick up a three picture deal of the TENDERFOOT, DESTRY, and (pick your favorite)???
Soon I believe. According to inside sources, very soon.
Max What do we see when we picture our Protagonist? What are his props? Is Destry still a viable non-gun carrying hero? How does he outsmart his opponents with visual grace that could be freshly conveyed on film today? Could we sell the new Destry to Pitt and Blanchett? I'm sure Cate would like to take her try at Deitrich's voice and style. DESTRY RIDES FOREVER.
Forge That would be great! Perfect casting, though she should go her own way. Phillip seymour hoffman as Destry... Yeeaaaghhhh!
Max Casey Affleck is the proper Destry.
patriciamaguire i am looking for the title of the prequel to Sixteen In Nome for my father who is an avid Max Brand fan and who has tried unsucessfully to find this title. It introduces the characters Calmont and Massey.
willhr I believe the story you're looking for (the prequel to SIXTEEN IN NOME)is:

"Alex the Great: A Prologue to SIXTEEN IN NOME" (restored title for ┐Two Masters┐) by Max Brand in Western Story Magazine (4/5/30)

That story has been published in a collection titled OUTLAWS ALL: A WESTERN TRIO. You can find it at and other online booksellers. I hope this is what your dad remembered.