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Webmaster Jon Tuska of Golden West Literary Agency provided the following information regarding Faust's involvement with The Gray Charteris:

For most of his professional life, Faust was a client of the Brandt & Brandt Literary Agency.

We have the complete sales records both of what Faust sold prior to becoming a Brandt client and what was sold for him through this agency until the time of his death and, in fact, sold subsequently until Golden West Literary Agency took over Faust
representation on March 3, 1992.

In 1922 Faust ghost-wrote parts of the four-part serial The Gray Charteris by Robert Simpson published in Adventure Magazine (8/20/22-9/20/22). This serial was subsequently published in book form as THE GRAY CHARTERIS (McCann, 1922) by Robert Simpson. Robert Simpson (1886-1934) was a novelist and short story writer who lived in New York City during much of his life.

This was Faust's only collaboration with him. Simpson was not an allonym for Frederick Faust.

Since the exact nature and extent of Faust's contribution to this serial is not known, it is not included among Faust's credits as an author.