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jim s
I've read that Max Brand wrote prolifically in the year 1920, rivaling his output in the year 1932, yet there has been little work released from that year. I love all of Mr Fausts work but am hoping titles from that year will eventually be released.

dlfbookman I doubt that the total 1920 wordage comes close to 1932, but most of the serials from that early period have been published: CLUNG, PRIDE OF TYSON, THE NIGHT HORSEMAN and JERRY PEYTON'S NOTCHED INHERITANCE, and CROSSROADS (a sequel to LUCK from 1919). Some of the shorter works have probably appeared in some of the Five Star and Leisure "trio" volumes. The other 1920 serial, THE FRIGATE BIRD (under the LEe Bolt pseudonym) is the only un-reprinted long work, as far as I know.
I'm not sure how single-year magazine publications are calculated and compared, but there were over twenty-five published novels from the 1933 output, close to twice as many as from 1932, and five times as many as from 1920. Whether the writing from one period is as good as that from another is another matter, of course.