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willhr 1. Tex Cummins visits Leon Porfilo in jail and threatens to kill him if they ever meet again, and that's the last we see of Tex. Does anything become of the threat?

2. Dick Orton returns to his parents ranch to own up to his crimes and face the music. Porfilo has done what he could to help Dick and hopes the best for him, but we never actually see the outcome.

3. As he's dying, Marcus Sargent asks Porfilo to give his watch to his sweetheart, Sue Hunter; and that's the last we hear of the matter.

Do any of these characters surface again in other stories? Just curious.

This book was fun reading!
jim s
Another novel featuring Leon Porfilo is entitled The Mountain Fugitive.
willhr Thanks for that information, Jim. I look forward to reading the story.

I noticed there are two editions of that book listed in Jon Tuska's bibliography, and it surprised to see the 2nd one, the Leisure Books publication, tagged as "abridged." That's the first Leisure book I've seen released after Golden West took over that isn't in restored form.

I did find some booksellers offering Leisure editions later than 1994, but I haven't been able to determine if they are abridged or not. I did find one audio book from 2007 that claims to be unabridged, so apparently the original version of Faust's story is available.

I'm just getting started reading Max Brand, and I'm trying to read only complete versions whenever possible. Thanks again for that information.