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willhr Does anyone know how to find the 1918 Max Brand story Harrigan! in its original form and reasonably priced? Several editions have come out since 1996 (when the copyright may have lapsed) including an e-book on Project Gutenberg, which says the work is now in the public domain.

I can't determine which if any of these recent editions are unabridged versions. I'm afraid most are based on a widely available and undated 1971 Dodd, Mead edition (which some booksellers mistakenly refer to as a 1946 edition, because that's the copyright renewal date).

I wonder if Golden West or Leisure Books or Univ. of Nebraska Press has plans to re-release the complete book.

I'll appreciate any information on this. Otherwise, I guess I'll just read the 1971 Dodd, Mead version. At least it's not edited.
willhr When I said "edited" in the final sentence of the previous posting, I meant "rewritten."