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Jess Could anyone tell me the complete list of Silvertip books. I've seen one site that had a lot of them listed but I'd one that wasn't so I'm wondering how many more there might be.

Anyone? It'd be helpful, thanks.
Jim Hi Jess

I believe this is the complete list of the Silvertip books. The False Rider, The Fighting Four, The Man From Mustang, Mountain Riders, Silvertip, Silvertip's Chase, Silvertip's Roundup, Silvertip's Search, Silvertip's Strike, Silvertip's Trap, Stolen Stallion, Valley Of Vanishing Men, Valley Thieves.

Jess Awesome, thank you so much. It definately helps out a lot.
Will Jess & Jim,

There's also THE SHADOW OF SILVER TIP. Is that another one, or has it been reissued under a different title in Jim's list above?

Jim Hi Will

The Shadow Of Silvertip is a non Jim Silver story. In that novel, Silvertip is just the name of the town.

Will Thanks, Jim. I appreciate the clarification.