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Motivationteam I just bought 42 books of Max Brand. I have never read any of his books. I hope that I am in for a treat. Anyone have any comments to help me think I did the right thing.
Jim S
You did the right thing. After reading your 42 Max Brand books, I'm sure you will want to get more of his titles. I have well over 200 Max Brand books and can't get enough!
motivationteam Wow! that is amazing! I read a little on his bio and all I can say is Wow! If you Wikipedia his name there is some interesting reading about him.

I am really excited. I have been a Louis Lamour fan and I never really read anything else and it dawned on me the there is probably more out there. I really like the old school writers and stories there is somthing about the simplicity of the stories that takes me out of the strees of daily live and helps me destress. Thanks for the post.