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Marion I wanted to know the date Max Brand died and of what cause. Thank you
Will HR Hi Marion. Here's an excerpt from Robert Easton's introduction to The Smoking Land:

"As a combat correspondent for Harper's and The Infantry Journal, he [Faust] would, aged fifty-one with a bad heart and several surplus pounds on his six-foot-three-inch frame, meet death head on while advancing with an infantry squad uphill in a night attack against the barbed wire, concrete gun emplacements and minefields of the Germans' Gustav Line, which stretched across the Italian boot north of Naples.

"In... that night of May 11, 1944...."

I believe he died of shrapnel wounds.
martha yeager His cardiologist told him he suffered from the symptoms of his enlarged heart and he could die at any moment. He became depressed by the news.. This condition was probably caused by the hard labor he had to do as a young boy. He died in May of 1944.
Hang So what is the question that you like me to anwers