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Rob V. Just finished "Gunman's Reckoning" (originally titled "Donnegan"). Does anyone know if there is a sequel to the book? It ends at chapter 40, and it is a strange ending that leaves the reader hanging, with no real resolution. If there is a sequel, what is its title?
Will R Hi Rob V.

I've been poking around but haven't managed to find a sequel to "Gunman's Reckoning" or "Donnegan." I can tell you, though, that the story you read was definitely altered by editors and possibly to such an extent that it may have seemed at the end to have left some unresolved questions.

I know this because Jon Tuska has written quite a bit about this weird phenomenon of Faust's writings, and he lists both the Chelsea House and the Dodd, Mead publications of that story as having been abridged by the publishers.

Unless you purchase copies listed as unabridged in Tuska's bibliography (elsewhere on this website) or that have Golden West Literary Agency listed somewhere behind the title page, you're probably reading an altered version of Faust's work.

If you find a sequel, please let us all know. It sounds like Gunman's Reckoning is a good story even in it's abridged form.

-Will R