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dlr Is there a sequel to this book. It seems to end like there will be more of the story.
willhr There are at least a handful of Bull Hunter stories, and pretty much all of them were first published separately in magazines and then later compiled into book form by combining multiple magazine stories.

To find the original publication dates of the individual stories, go to the Bibliography link on this site and see Jon Tuska's bibliography. Do a search for "Bull Hunter," and you'll see all the stories.

You will need to find the book you've just read and then note which Bull Hunter stories made up that book.

I've been meaning to read those Bull Hunter stories myself (I have a list of them hanging on my wall), but I plan to try to read them in the order he wrote them, if I can find them that way. Tuska's bibliography is about the only means for that I know of. His book about Max Brand may also have information on that.

You'll see in the bibliography that the books are often abridged, so you're not getting those stories exactly as Faust wrote them, which is unfortunate.

Let us know if you make headway organizing a Bull Hunter reading list. Good luck!