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dap Has anybody read any of the books that follow Dan Barry? I'm trying to figure out why Brand never addresses the reason for Berry's horse's name, Satan. It could be that it is obvious when you read the name in context, but there has to be some way Barry came up with that name. His character is too far removed from human institutions like religion to actually make a biblical reference on his own. By the way, The Night Horseman is such a great book!!
Bud I'm listening to my first Max Brand book, The Untamed. I believe it is the novel that introduces Dan Barry (Whistling Dan) and Satan. Satan was described as terrifying the country before Dan made Satan his horse. I believe the name was coined by the locals before Dan got a hold on him. To know for sure I would need to re-listen to the first several chapters. It is available on Audiobooks App for free.
Mark Hi folks, Can anyone tell me which of the books of Max are comparable to "The Seven of Diamonds"? I thoroughly enjoyed that book but haven't found another to compare to it. The best part for me was Molly Malone. Thanks Mark