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Adam I am just now getting into reading Max Brand, after finishing everything by Zane Grey. When I first read Zane Grey, I accidentally, without knowing any better, read "Majesty's Rancho" ahead of "Light of Western Stars," and then was able to find out all the sequential orders of series so I didn't make the same mistake with the others. I want to avoid that with Max Brand, but other than a list of the Silvertip and Dan Barry series in sequence, I don't know what other series there are by Max Brand. Are there any? Or are the rest of them independent novels?

So far I have read King of the Range, Black Jack, Border Guns, Fightin' Fool, The Bells of San Filipo, The Blue Jay, The Invisible Outlaw, Steve Train's Ordeal, and The Guns of Dorking Hollow.
willhr Hi Adam!

That's an admirable goal you've got. I started out with almost the same idea as you, and I'm about 39 books into Faust's huge repertoire (so I've barely scratched the surface).

Check out the bibliography and biography by Jon Tuska on this site. They are great and will help you with questions about sequels, prequels, etc. He has also written a lengthy book about Max Brand that's probably full of helpful info.

I initially tried to read the stories in the order he wrote them, which of course solves most problems of getting them out of order, but I eventually had to drop that idea, just for practical reasons. I get my books from online or local used book stores, and titles aren't always available.

I have since decided it's more important to me to avoid highly edited and redacted versions, so I consult Tuska's bibliography to make sure I'm getting the stories as Faust actually wrote them -- before editors slashed and recomposed them in odd ways (because they believed audiences wouldn't tolerate long paperbacks).

Good luck and happy reading!
Adam Thanks willhr for your note. I have read the bibliography, though, and it doesn't indicate which books are sequels to other books.
willhr Yeah, I think there's a bit more info about sequels in the biography. But you're right, there's not a lot that that I've been able to find.

Sometimes it may be enough to know the protagonist (like Bull Hunter, e.g.), and then you can build a list of all the those stories by Googling "Bull Hunter" and then following the links you find from there. Sometimes other folks have pulled together lists like that. Then you can put your list of those stories in chronological order by 1st release date using Tuska's bibliography -- or something like that.

Sometimes the only release available is an edition that's abridged. Actually that's fairly often the case, which is sad. That's part of why I've somewhat abandoned my plan to read them in the order they were written. If I wait long enough, Leisure and Golden West Literary Agency are getting around to republishing the abridged stories as Faust 1st penned them.

It looks to me though, like Faust didn't write too many stories in series. Let me know if you get some better insights into all this. It's fascinating stuff. Good luck!