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Sam Mackay I have been searching for this book for a friend for many years. Any idea if it's perhaps in ebook form somewhere, that I could download it?

Willhr Hi Sam. You should be able to order a copy of this book from one of the various online book stores. I just found several available copies of it, one for under $4 (with no shipping charge).

Try the online bookseller site or Amazon because they definitely have it. I've just seen it.

I also found the book through its British title, Lanky for Luck; but that copy is more more expensive, in the $20+ price range.

Hope you are able to purchase it soon. (I have used for years, and it's very reliable.


willhr Hi Sam,

Sorry I was mentioning the wrong title in preceding post. But the same holds for "Striking Eagle" (or "Vengeance Trail," the US title). You'll find cheap copies at

Good hunging!