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Anders Nilsson Two western paperbacks by a Walther Canning were published in the late 50's in Scandinavia (in Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden). Their original titles were given as: 'Bring the Man Alive' and 'Talking Guns'. The latter story was also published as a serial in a Swedish magazine in 1958. The same magazine also published another serial by Walther Canning the same year named 'Hatets dal' (= The Valley of Hate) and this story is identical with Max Brand's novel Silvertip. This fact has made me believe that all the Walther Canning texts were written by Max Brand.

Having now read the Swedish translation of 'Talking Guns', I have found it most likely that it was written by Brand. First, it is very well written, and 2nd it takes places in the Sierra Nevadas not far from Sacramento close to the Nevada border at high altitude where the passes are filled with lot sof snow in winter. Wayne Staple returns from the East to find his father's Sliding S ranch in bad conditions and his father Jack being desparately in love with a young Mexican actress. There is also a feud with the adjacent farm owned by the Orrinford clan. Wayne falls in love with a girl in the village, Fern Utley. There is some shooting and some cattle ranching and some romance, and a surprising end to the story.

I would be most thankf