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Matlock This forum is dedicated to calling Norman "Matlock". Basically, just say, "Hi, Matlock!".
Raul Hi, Matlock!
Good thing a forum opened.
Raul BTW, ever thought of making contact with Chris? I'd really like to see a post from him on 1Fort about your comic - that would be interesting.
Norman Black Yeah, I tried contacting him before I started doing these, but he seemed to want to ignore me. I can understand why. Anyway, I think he's hoping that everything will eventually just blow over and this scar upon his unique creation is banished from existence.
Raul If you contacted him through email i don't think he got a chance to even read your message.
Norman Black No it wasn't e-mail, but it wasn't through a direct post on 1Fort either. He probably got it because I got a confirmation that he did read it, just no reply. If it's important enough, he will contact me... with a lawsuit.
Ghert McDert In an attempt to keep this thread on topic, HI MATLOCK!
loonx Hello Matlock! Keep up your work, I really enjoy it!
Norman Black Not Matlock....
Robot Reincarnate of Nixon EATS BABIES!
Ghert McDert I have a horrible GIF about that...
Guy Hi Matlock!
Ye Olde Sputnik I've seen that logo as a spray in TF2. Hi Matlock.
patroklo Hi matlock! I have the same problems as you contacting Christopher asking him for permission for a spanish translation of the webcomic, after some months, I have decided doing it without it because it seems impossible to make him answer any mail.

Good luck with your webcomic! I liked it very much!
diego_pmc Yeah, don't worry. I also tried to contact him about the Wikipedia article on Concerned, and he didn't reply. Guess he's just tired of fans. big grin ~~~~
diego_pmc LOL, I signed myself with tildes...

Too much WP. Must stop. Arghghg.
Norman Black Meh. Tildes, shmildes....
Ghert McDert This forum is now shiny and blue. Fear the shiny and blue. FEAR IT!
Norman Black Made it the proper color again. Thing friggin' changes every time I do something.
Ro-Dus Oh, damn, I guess I missed the shiny blue forum colors!

And before I forget; What's up Matlock!! : D