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Ghert McDert What do you think about A Concerned Rip-Off? Is is funny, boring, well made, heresy, what? Please, no flaming. Share opinions and be respectful.
loonx I think it is very interesting, I had the idea of maybe doing this in the past but it seems Norman beat me to it! I would love to this grow and become more popular, maybe even doing a guest comic for it myself or work on it! I've always been influenced with the 'Concerned' and that's what led me to do my Garry's Mod comics .

Keep up the good work Norman, hope to see more of your work!
Norman Black Lots of people have tried to make their own versions/sequels of Chris' Comic, but I think I'm the only one with such little of a life that I could actually stick to doing something like this. Also, my lack of a conscience and common sense allowed me to put this stuff on the web when others would have let the original series rest in peace.
Raul It started off well, and it is in my watchlist.

OT: BTW, Rip-Off is also mentioned here (@Reception -> last paragraph).
Chris It looks good so far. Definetly going to wait for more. It's a lot more succesful than my old web comics.
Patroklo I like the references to old jokes from the original webcomic. The posing of the characters seem a little "artificial" sometimes, but it's only matter of practice and good taste with the angles, in concerned comments the original author used to post examples of posing that he used in the webcomic.
mastergir It's true to the original, I hope it becomes more popular.
Quack I like it a lot. Good to see Frohman again.
lMaxl this one is fun big grin and have the "essence" of the 1st one lol
lmaxl Damm I forget to log on <<
frohman23 I've been a huge Frohman fan since day 1, and watched Concerned grow through time.
I think you're a brave man trying to emulate Concerned, as few people can match Chris.
But, by the hammer of Thor, I think you've got it my friend! big grin
I'm so glad to see Frohman again, and your brilliant ideas have been shining through since your first comic here.
Best of luck to you, mate! I can't wait to see where you take us!


But seriously. I'm dying from only one comic a week.
Norman Black Yeah, I know. I'm still working on that part. It's tough though. Hopefully I will eventually be victorious over the foe that is laziness... eventually.
revolvervalkyrie Huzzah for Frohman! May he live long and prosper in his questionably stupid ways! It's great to see Froh still kicking about in everybody's minds and greater still to see someone making a comic to carry on his legacy.
Froeman I was actually sad when Frohman died in the orginal. I missed him.

But the I found this, and I am happy again. But seriously, moar comics! tongue
froeman crap, forgot to log in.
Ro-Dus I'm really enjoying the comment and constantly check for a new one!

I can tell you're not very used to doing this or you're not sure which is the best way to go, since this isn't technically your character and you wan't to respect that by not modifying Frohman much.
You try to stick to much to the source material, and I'd like to see you grow upon that material! I know many people would be sad to see Frohman being a little different then how he used to be, but there's nothing anyone can do about that since Chris stopped his comic.

Norman, you're not Chris, so I'd like to see you continue Frohman's adventures while putting more of yourself into it.

it's really a choice between continuing the comic just as Chris would, or to use his characters in your own way.
Now, You've obviously chosen the first, but I'd like to see a bit of the both, while still being more focused on the first.

This was a really long post, but this is what I think of the comic. I love it, really! I just wanna see a bit more Norman, and not just trying to be Chris : D
Norman Black I can understand that. I didn't want to butcher Frohman's character by making him so completely different that he was barely recognizable. I've been slowly adding my own... um... "stuff" into the comics, but I really never wanted to do too much that it seemed altogether different. I'm trying to stay loyal to the true Frohman, but I will start to add my own twist to him sooner or later.
necromanzer52 I love it.
I think it's just as good as the original.
Duck of death I agree with Ro-Dus, keep developing the character into how YOU think he should be, as it's your comic.
Hopefully your new computer will make these month-long pauses between episodes a thing of the past!
Keep it up, the comic's great now and I'm sure it'll get even better!
Gamgee I think the comic is great and would like to see more. Going to add a link to my signature on all the forums I frequent. It might grow the interest a little.
Fruitsicles I'm liking this so far smile

The beginning was meh, but it got progressively better. Not quit as good as the original (I doubt that anything would be so it's not a put down), but still, well done.
Anonymous I absolutely love this comic buuuuuuuut we definitely need more than one comic a week theres so few good webcomics on the webs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Norman Black stuff
Insani Simply wonderfull comic.

I couldn't make a better continuation of it!
Should try sometime, though :P