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Ghert McDert Everyone wants to know if Norman has permission and what Chris thinks of the site and stuff. Post those kinds of questions and here and maybe get those kinds of answers.
Ghert McDert I think that Chris shouldn't care. A lot of websites, such as VGCats, allow guest comics and are greatly appreciated by the owner, Scott. I think that Chris should actually be glad that Norman has picked up the pieces and passed them on.
Norman Black I'm not making any money off of this, so I should be okay... I hope.
chrisordie I think that it would be best to contact him about this just to be on the safe side.
Norman Black Easier said than done....
Chris Yeah, I bet that guy gets so much emails a day he'll probably just delete not knowing who it's from.
Norman Black Or he does know who it's from and deletes them anyway....
toastedspyro You should tell Christopher (that was his name, right?) about this comic...though I doubt he can really do anything to stop you from doing this comic if you really wanted to.

Who far the comic kicks ass, and I'm quite glad that you're doing it!
Norman Black Chris already knows about this site since a link was posted on his blog a while back, and I doubt he didn't see it since a large portion of the discussion on the forum was about it.
Raul Didn't know about that. Could you give me a link to the blog post?
Norman Black Here it is:

and someone else posted it on the facepunch studios forum:
diego_pmc/Raul Ah, I though Chris made a post about it himself. I already knew about that - in fact, I'm diego_pmc (I also post as "Raul" sometimes). ;)
Norman Black Ahh... it all makes sense now....

Yeah, I think Chris is pretty against making any sort of official comment about it. Probably because he doesn't like it. But we won't know until he speaks up.