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recover I like the comic, but do you think you could increase the brightness a bit? It's kinda hard to see some stuff.
I've also noticed some spelling errors, so you might want to spell check the text smile
Norman Black Getting the brightness right is difficult sometimes. With the last comic, I had to add lights all over the place, and then make the images brighter in Photoshop and hope that they still looked good. Unfortunately the Combine seem to have a fascination with stuff that's all the same color, so in the low light parts of the game everything seems to blend together. It's difficult to keep the balance between readability and true-to-the-game-ness. I'll try to make it easier on the eyes next time.

My friggin' spell check misses everything. #18 was done at the last minute, so I was never able to fully proof the spelling, or send it out to the proofreaders before releasing it.
I was never good in English class anyway.
Ro-Dus Well, I think the brightness is fine big grin

Then again, my monitor has a built in Light Frame or something that makes the screen a little brighter -_-
Norman Black A while back, I ran a calibration thing on my monitor that I think fixed the brightness. I've also been brightening the comics a lot more instead of leaving them the way they were.