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Raul I think you should post on a few HL related forums about your comic, to get more people's attention.
Norman Black I've been kinda against spamming my site to everyone. I don't wanna be like the little kid who makes something and then runs around to everyone trying to get them to look at it when they really don't care. Lots of people have been finding the site through Digg and Wikipedia, and the site's getting around 40-60 visits per day, but until I have some decent content, a better working site, and possibly better hosting (right now it's free) I don't want to go around broadcasting my site to everyone just to have them come here and be disappointed.

Hopefully when the time comes and enough people will discover the site it will become popular on it's own... hopefully.
TickLe MY eLMo Were you the one that posted this on facepunch then?

But let it be remembered, i was here from the start, and that makes me cool...yeah...
Ro-Dus Heh, yeah, I found out about this on Wikipedia.

But maybe it's up to us loyal readers to advertise for you. We don't have to spam, to get other's attention. We could just go on other forums and spread the word gently and cooly.

Someone could go to a site like GameTrailers and post a thread on General Gaming and ask if anyone there is reading Concerned 2.
Would that work? I think so! People might see it and get interested. People will see it and find out, don't you think?

Any site that has general threads could work, just don't directly advertise! ASK if anyone has heard or read about it and PRESTO!!

Remember kids:
1. Got to a forum.
2. Ask if people have heard about Concerned2.