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anthonycmd What about cheat code used by Frohman in Concerned? Rip-Off started from autosave that was made before Frohman switched it off. We have "Buddha-Mode Frohman" again? It's great! Norman, good job with making Frohman immortal again big grin

Just one question: Are you going to turn buddha mode off at some point in Ep1 or Ep2 of Concerned 2?

(sorry for my bad grammar)
Norman Black I don't have any plans to turn Buddha mode off. As long a Frohman remains invincible that means that he can go through a lot and still survive intact. Plus the comedic value of physical harm happening to him , like falling off a cliff, being shot repeatedly, or being crushed, without worrying about him ever dying is always a good thing. Kind of like a Source version of Mr. BIl.
anthonycmd And probaly that's why Chris gave him this cheat-code ;)

But i thought, that in future issues (maybe in Ep2) it would be nice to get something like resurrection in the beginning of Ep1 - two different ways of solving the same problem, where one turn out to be a spectacular death of Frohman (and of course some innocent people/combine), then loading autosave and doing that some other way. Maybe you will have to choose between two possible ways of going through some chapter and think that both of them would be fun - then dying and loading autosave is the best solution.

Of course that's not something important. Just do whatever you want with this comic - first 29 issues were very good and i think that you are full of ideas for the rest of Concerned 2.

P.S: And one more thing. It looks like Frohman appear less times than Combine in "No-Life" - i wish that will not stay forever, because i like when he is talking to himself (i.e: plotting against rebels in Concerned and "narcoleptic sleep" in Concerned 2). I bet that Frohman is going to get rid of them in some accident involving headcrabs big grin
Norman Black I don't want to overplay the checkpoint load thing too much. It would over emphasize that the entire thing is a game, which is supposed to be subtle.

The reason I haven't shown Frohman so much in the No-Life chapter is because he isn't wearing the combine armor anymore, and a lot of times when I'm posing him, I just don't feel like I'm doing justice to him. Mostly the face posing. That was one of the reasons I had him take on the combine appearance so early was so that I could work on making him look more Frohman-like, but I still don't think I've gotten it down. I'll try to make him more visible in the comics to come.

And yes, there will be headcrabs.
Andy Thats it! thats how you get all those Zombine on the other side of the glass wall! Gordon (frohman) accidently kills the combine with headcrabs, and he keeps one as a pet. kinda like his pet antlions in concerned. big grin those were the good old days.
anthonycmd Frohman with pet-crab? I don't think that he would do something like this - you know, he hate all aliens (including friendly vorts). It's more likely that he will try to befriend some zombines ;)