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Ro-Dus Well, I think it would be a good way to show our support to Norman if we helped out a little to make the site a little more known!

We can tell people about Concrened 2 on websites having to do with gaming or web-comics, blogs or other places where people can find out! There are many kinds of site you could advertise, but you have to do it in a very careful way!! DON'T SPAM NO MATTER WHAT!!!

You have to do it in a gentle and calm way, advertise with subtlety! EX: "Does anyone here on [insert website name] read this comic called Concerned rip-off?" or " I'm a big fan of Concerned, and I just found out there's a sequel", maybe even "I'm currently reading the web-comic A Concerned Rip-off, any one know of any other good comics made in Garry's mod?".

Use something similar to what I just did, just make sure you don't do something like "HAY GAYZ LOOK @ THIS" or " Do ya like webcomic well check out this one" or I don't know, just don't do stuff like that.

If you have accounts in web-sites like Game Trailers, ScrewAttack, or in forums for other comic then you could help out too! Hell, you could even use the chat rooms in just make sure you don't spam and ASK something! Don't make a statement or else it's just spaming.
Ro-Dus Upon revision, I think I was just rambling a lot.

Basically, I'm just trying to say spread the word. Tell people you know that also like games and/or comics.

I found this site on Wikipedia by a huge coincidence. Not too many people will find it this way. I just want more people to find this site, and to support Norman. So, spread the word. Tell people you know over the internet. Tell people that this site exists. Maybe more people will catch on.

Norman is working hard on this, so help make this a little more fun ^_^